Men of Women’s Fashion Week: Milan F/W 2014

When you find yourself in Milan during Fashion Week you really have no choice but to go to some of the shows. As interesting as all the leather, fur, animal prints and “fast fashion” Women’s collections are, the guys here are even better.

Yes, most of these looks are completely inaccessible to the average guy and border on downright ridiculous.
Yes, you¬†we can’t afford most of this shit.
No, you probably shouldn’t run out and try replicating any of the model “looks” wholesale.

Then what’s the fucking point of putting any of these pictures here, you say? They’re fun to look at, but more importantly, it’s kind of the upper end of the barometer of what you can get away with in the real world. Denim? Check. Crazy sneakers? Double check. Same goes for skullcaps, knits and topcoats. What you wore in high school was probably close to color by numbers. This is Pollock. Find your own niche somewhere in between–kind of like what the photographers do.

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