The Perfect Notebook: Field Notes

Last week I talked about how I was starting the In Search Of feature and the first thing in my seemingly endless quest would be the perfect notebook for notes, drawings, concert reviews, ish, etc. Fuck saving the best for last, we’re starting with the reigning champion – Field Notes.

Field Notes are diminutive in size (3.5″ x 5.5″), contain 48 pages (each side counts as one page) and are available in ruled, grid and blank. They also happen to be loaded with helpful applications, coordinate spaces and other Farmer’s Almanac type shit that I find intriguing – but have absolutely no use for. They’re bound together with three adequately placed staples. They hold them together pretty well and I can’t really think of any good way to romanticize staples. This is, first and foremost, a memo book, so don’t expect ridiculous fabric straps, unnecessary pockets and an unusable first page. You can literally graffiti every part of the little notebook that could.

In case you haven’t skipped ahead to the pictures yet, the blue memo book is beat to shit. For once, this torture testing wasn’t intentional. The blue Field Notes was subjected to approximately 12oz of Ketel Red Bull in the line of duty at The Metro. Yes, I just got it; no, it wasn’t my fault. The cover got scuffed and worn down in a few places. The ink appears to have bled, but not in the typical sense. The notes on the opposite side of the page are visible through the page, but the ink hasn’t bled through. It’s like holding a piece of paper up to a light except the lines are a slight haze of purple (probably the inks fault). If anything, the “patina” has improved with the addition of the original alcoholic energy drink (RIP 4 Loko).

What seemed like a ruinous tidal wave of deliciousness actually turned into a character creating moment for that particular Field Notes. The entire experience added some extra flavor to the notebook. Even though I won’t purposely waste more alcohol recreating the process, I quite like that it happened.

3pk for $10 at Field Notes

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  1. Siddharth

    Hey there, nice post. Where did you grab a “Field Notes” and the “County Comm Embassy Pen” in Delhi. Thanks!

  2. BD


    Field Notes can be acquired direct from the manufacturer –
    Unfortunately, it looks like (at this time) County Comm is only shipping to the Continental US. You’re going to have to get pretty creative in order to get one of those to Delhi.

    Hope this helps!

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