Generic Surplus Wingtip Sneakers

Generic Surplus Wingtip Sneakers are the perfect combination of casual and dress, business and party, 9-5 and 5-9. They’re the footwear equivalent of the mullet –  half business (muted colorway), half pleasure (they are sneakers after all), all awesome (wingtip accents, comfort, style, etc.). Unless you don’t like being comfortable, Generic Surplus Wingtip Sneakers are the best of both shoe worlds – without compromising in either.

The picture above displays the shoes in descending order of wear (Camel – two dozen times, Gray – dozen or so, Black – handful of times) so you can get a feel for what they’re going to look like when they start to break in. Keep in mind that they have never been cleaned (powdered/sprayed, but not cleaned), so you should factor in a generous amount of Chicago footwear beatdown because this city is brutal on shoes. In line with this, the camel and gray are primarily worn sockless which is why the liner tags are so beat up.

My shoe size is between 12-13, depending on manufacturer, style, lunar cycle, etc. These three pairs were all ordered in 12 (Gilt / Jack Threads steals are hard to pass up) and all of them fit fine. However, the black is just a smidge (this is a scientific measurement) tighter than the camel and gray pairs. This doesn’t bother me that much because even though I’m a huge fan of the non-color black, I like the camel and gray pairs exponentially more. Additionally, the white liner on the black shoe – combined with the gray sole – isn’t as striking a presentation as the combination (double white – so intense) on the other two pairs. I would definitely buy the black pair again, but only if I already had the camel and gray.

Depending on your occupation, you might even be able to get away with these at the day job. If it’s a sneaker environment, you classed it up a bit. If it’s not a sneaker environment, they’re kind of, almost, wingtips, so you probably won’t get fired. [I take no responsibility for your lack of continued employment if this situation unfolds differently for you.] They’re affordable; they look good; they’re fun. They come in a pretty sweet box too if that helps make the decision any easier for you.

$44 at Karma Loop. $36 on Jack Threads / GILT if you happen to be patient.

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